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Have you checked for Lead Paint

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Around 5 years has passed since the Australian Lead Paint standards were updated and the criteria for lead-containing paint was changed from a concentration of 1% down to 0.1%. The changes reflected the fact that paints continued to be manufactured with low levels of lead well into the 2000's and also reflect the increased knowledge of lead exposure levels.

The health risks of lead arise when it is ingested or inhaled. The disturbance of lead paint during DIY or renovations (sanding or scraping back paint) can pose serious health risks to trades, occupants, children etc. Lead exposure is particularly risky for children and pregnant women.

What does this mean? It means that buildings and structures built well after the 1970's can contain hazardous concentrations of lead, and should always be tested first!

For a PCBU, building owners and managers, this may mean your hazardous materials survey is out of date.

For any enquiries about lead-containing paint, please contact HazChek.

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